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DEPARTMENT DELUXE freestyle is a non-commercial project, which delivers you fine selection hand selected touch jazz freestyle tunes. Through the last decade our show has been posted around the world. Now, for the sake of convenience, we decided to put our mixes on

The concept of the radio show is quite simple: if you like it – play it, if you don’t like it – don’t play it. The result is a highly subjective view of things, which often ignores genre borders. The show tries not to present only an explicit genre, but defines itself as a forum of fusion of different popular jazz styles which hopefully found their ways back into the club scene within last two decades. Therefore the definition of ‚what is jazz‘ is a bit fuzzy and allows influences of different genres which so appear in a new context – call it nujazz, downtempo, breaks, nubossa, brasil, modern, contemporary who cares about names – listen to the music and like it or not …

Apart from fine music, you can find a lot of photography of all sorts of remarkable buildings & architecure we have been visiting the last couple of years.

Everything is WIP – „work in progres“, so if there’s time, the music as well as the photography collections will grow. Stay tuned and enjoy.